Monday, August 30, 2010

2 bad & 2 good websites



The first good web site i cam across was the paul frank site.I found this site easy to navigate and very  appealing.the site is easy to navigate because most of what your looking for is on the top in big letters so its not hard to find. all the pages buttons are always in the same area so you don't have to go looking for anything once you change pages.i found it appealing because of its clean and organized look. i really like the grid system that they used as well as the bright colors that keep the   fun and youthful energy up in the site.


the next site i picked as one of best i have seen was wikipedia. i picked wiki because it is very simple and  easy to navigate for just about any age group.what this site lacks in flashy colors and patterns, it makes up for in easy navigation and simple grid system.i think this site is well organized and very helpful.(even if all its facts aren't correct)



the reason i picked this site as a bad one was because of the level of contrast i didn't see.this site was for a photographer but the contrast in the words mad it a little hard to read and the colors he used in the site are a little dark and boring. i did not like the fact that all the pictures were clustered together. its to much going on and you cant focus.


This site i found to be really confusing. the letters almost blend into the back and the positioning of the buttons are very annoying this sites home looks more like a cheaply made add that they stick on your windshield wipers while your in class.if i were looking to buy anything this site has to offer i would look elsewhere because its too confusing and would take too long to locate anything i wanted.