Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my website


  1. Scott this needs to be updated!! The roughs are good but what about the rest. Link to your web site would work


  2. SCOTT,
    this is a not a beginning - I would like to see a link to the website you will be working on, the roughs that you will be using to set up your site structure, wire frames and the actual design - there should be 3.

    You really have to pay attention to your text layout. Just like in your other layout class - this is definetely your down fall - nothing centered please

    1. Company Forte animal rescue
    2. Mission to inspire compassion for animals
    3. Meeting not yet
    4. Target market Older people 40 ++++
    any demographic

    5. Research Find the information and other forms of rescue animals
    Design expected - then you have to make a statement about what type of design you were going to create. Means more than just simple – how are you going to organize the information in the main content - which means all the information.
    Competition – contentt - most of that under control
    6. Site Structure
    7. Wire Frame
    8. 3 design roughs
    9. Final Design
    10. External Style sheets
    11. 3 webpage

    good luck and really try to design your work!!

  3. OK scott - you are really working on getting your designs and skills up to a professional standard. Now on your blog I want ot see a documentation of your process - this will help you in the end - others need and want to know your process - the wireframe, the site structure - the competition, other designs and the process of changing and completing your work.

    thanks for your hard work