Wednesday, March 2, 2011



  1. Scott - great visual Journal and roughs - thanks

  2. Wow! These are well done! I think that your drafts for color and texture are must've been time consuming, but, in the end, it all turned out just plain awesome. Keep up the good work!

  3. Design 1 shape the use of the line to emphasize the negative space is very successful. 2nd one not as good as the first
    Design 2 line – delightful and bold with the white line dynamically moving across the page ****** By simply slicing the bold line allows us to pause and that adds interest and playfulness congratulations!
    Design 3 direction both very good very playful and interesting - the broken parts imply falling
    Design 4 size – not sure about the M in the corner. It interesting that you placed the big M so that it is not filling it all up.
    Design 5 texture – great repetition and the change in application gives a different description
    Design 6 color **** excellent with all the letters moving across the page. The first could have more overlapping not just jumping from white to mid value to black But the way you really applied the small letter gives movement, value and narrative.