Wednesday, April 6, 2011


my word  headline is small child big worries. the article is about depression and small sounds like a serious article, so  i am going to try and contrast it with a more up beat layout.  i am going to make some words larger than others so that it can make the reader go to them and know that they are important. i might  angle it so that it looks strange but i am going to try and make sure its readable.


  1. Where are your roughs for the heading?

  2. Hey Scott, not a great paragraph - what are you trying to say, that the child is the a product of adult feelings. Are you going to talk about feelings. In what hierarchy are you going to put the words and ext. How can you inject some meaning into the copy that can emphasize the meaning of the article.

  3. Roughs / BLOG: Typeface 28 days later. Where are your roughs. Hove you seen the movies 28 up
    Design 1: A great way to get away from the image. I like the use of the big words and the fact that you have to come up close to see the smaller words adds to the interactivity of the image. The movement of the letters adds direction and a feeling as well as tension. Getting rid of the falling person was essential!! The small child moving down the letters is playful yet slippery. Perhaps in a different typeface for contrast.
    Design 2 Scott this is great, the way the BIG sits on top of the pile of words is great. The placement of the small child could be sitting on top of the big in a much lighter typeface – doesn’t work with the bold outline. A mountain of worried!!!! (I wonder if it could have been done in the same typeface that you might have changed the small child to) Good sense of value. There is a great sense of weight and heaviness. The chaos. To be picky – the big G needs to be a little further to the right.
    Presentation: - includes your explanation. You did an exceptional job – good explanation