Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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  1. Design: This 2nd set of designs is much more playful and colorful. The information is organized the use of boxes and image placement uniforms the page information.
    – I like the dogs hanging over the top - it divides and softens the grid like structure.
    The spry bar is effective - the containment of the information into boxes gives clear concise bracketing. But I could take on Marta’s suggestion that the plaid is too strong. You could also push the spry bar forward by putting a shadow behind the menu bar, slightly changing the color or value – just play with it.
    Use of color to code information . I like the rounded corners and I think that could be reflected in the headings.
    The edges of the boxes are very harsh. There are a few ways to resolve that.
    1. Give the end of the menu bar a solid white line – taking the emphasis way from the strength of the blue
    2. Or making the boxes with rounded corners
    Your functionally is good.
    Your text is starting to work but you need to base it on a grid so they are no overhanging blocks of text. Watch your text typeface and use the of leading and tracking.
    Scott you have worked solidly through out the quarter - congratulations. Would love to see you in another of my classes - good luck