Monday, February 14, 2011

5 good 5 bad


i think this ad is using bad typography because it is using too many different fonts, colors and directions. i think it could have worked if it kept it simple.

i think that this ad didnt work for me because the litters in this font were kinda too close to themselves so they looked like blocks and the u in "put" looks like a o.

this one had the same problem. too many different fonts. they also could have made there hierarchy a lot better.

unreadable so it wouldn't serve its per pus which is to get people to know help is needed.

problem is you dont know what is more important. they have some line bigger than others and than they have the red letters at the bottom. not sure where to read first.


i think this ad works really well because the letters in the font complement the shapes  in the mug and in the background. it feels like it belongs with the rest of this ad. it catches my eye and makes me want to read more.

i love this ad because  its so eye catching. i dont think the type takes too much away from the pants that are being sold. the font looks strong and bold just like the pants.

i picked this one because its bold but not overwhelming. i think the text PRIDE & GLORY  hold this piece together.  this is a good example of good hierarchy. it gets to the point and tells you what is the most important by size of font.

i really like the movement of this font and the way it goes with the direction of the bike.

i really like how they made the ad for skype which is a fairly new program look like an old school kind of an add.  the type gives the feel of one of the old i love lucy kind of ads.


  1. 1st Example of Bad: Agreed.

    2nd Example of Bad: I disagree on it. I think that they did a good job with it. They made the text bold and big which is a great eye catcher.

    3rd Example of Bad: I would have to disagree again as the title 'Answer the Call' has a completely different font style and size that sets it apart from the other type on this page which in effect, makes our eyes go to that first since it stands out.

    4th Example of Bad: Agreed. There isn't any need to make something blurry in a 'help wanted' ad.

    5th Example of Bad: Halfway agreed on, but the size of the font can help quite a bit with what they want to be read first on the page.

    6th Example of good: Agreed

    7th Example of good: Agreed. If anything, I think that the type is emphasizing the pants making it the focal point. It wouldn't be nearly as effective if it was actual skin.

    8th Example of good: Agreed. Nice poster by the way.

    9th Example of good: Agreed. It sends the message that it wants successfully.

    10th Example of good: I like this one too and I am one of those people that love 'I love Lucy' (who wouldn't?)

  2. Scott what a delight to have you back in the class. You presented a great deal of typographic choices already.
    Can't wait to see your roughs and visual journal